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When you believe in what you are doing, it refines and perfects the end result.


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From early childhood our developing minds are programmed with certain belief systems.

Because the universe gives you exactly what you focus on, the belief(s) held forth in your subconscious mind are creating the situation(s) you are currently experiencing in your life at this time.


The good news is that beliefs that we obtained early on in our childhood can be removed/ reprogrammed with a more up to date belief system or one that is modern and suited for today’s way of life and more in align with our goals and ambitions.


This results in us creating a better life for ourselves in the process.


A negative belief system goes something like this:


Life is harsh and never fair, or I’ll never get anywhere, or I don’t deserve happiness, well-being and success.


The fact is that you are not the result of life’s circumstances or outside influences are not responsible for causing the problems in your life.


These are almost always the results of a belief system/structure that is not aligned with today’s modern way of life, or that the belief structure is false, outdated or causing you limitations.


Obstacles that we encounter along the way to fulfilling a chosen goal or task are really challenges that contain hidden opportunities  which in turn give us experience and strength to accomplish our goals, push us further and accomplish more.


Personally I have found that if a project I am working on begins to have problems associated with it, at the very start of the project or at the very end, than when I examine my belief structure / system related to the project or the limitations that are currently in my subconscious mind after bringing these limitations and fears to light, it transforms the negative energy or disruptions into a new force of positive energy that pushes, molds and creates completion of the goal with ease and much higher quality results.


Goals that are about to come to fruition need a “push” towards the end and besides using creative mind visualization tools and techniques to help push these goals into reality, reaffirming our newly created beliefs also helps accomplish this.


Once you have positioned yourself when you intuitively feel you are about to accomplish your goal, review your current existing belief structure and you will see that your goal will occur in a fraction of the amount of time, compared to accomplishing your goal using a self-doubt limiting belief system.


I have also found that when heading towards the end of goal or project, chanting the phrase “the finished results of Christ” works well because it helps the subconscious mind reinforce the belief that a higher force / power is giving you the energy to successfully bring your project to completion.


After your beliefs have been transformed, you may experience a short term temporary distortion in your life. This is necessary for the shift to occur and is confirmation that you are now operating with a new belief system.


It is after this shift that you now find yourself with new creative energy and see that your goal will come through quickly and easily with higher quality and more than enough creative energy to make it happen.


Just remember that this short term period of turbulence is a time to keep the faith, because thing are about to get better over the long term.


Take a look at any areas in your life you may be experience problems and you will discover that the cause is due to a faulty belief system


Acquired Belief Systems that Are Picked Up

Because our subconscious mind projects our current existing belief structure, it also subconsciously picks up negative beliefs that are occurring around us.  Most notably from the mainstream. This could be media, newspapers, places of worship or other forms of communication that routinely report negative circumstances and events.


This is a natural part of the process of the journey in life and it is key to every now and then re-examine our belief structure when long term projects are not going well or we are suffering difficulty in our lives.  We also have the power to tune out these negative energies or transform that energy to create a new belief structure.


Many people believe they have to struggle to make money and many of the common beliefs subconsciously picked up by their unconscious mind contain some of the following programming routines


“If I accept money from others, it is charity, or someone will have to go without, or I have to work extremely hard to make lots of money, or rich people are cruel and selfish and I don’t want to end up that way.”


The fact is once the subconscious mind has picked up a thought of worry, negativity, self-doubt or other limitation, it will gradually see these beliefs as truth and work non-stop to manifest those beliefs into reality, creating the circumstances in life you experience.


It is up to you to transform these limiting beliefs by holding them up to the light, bringing them out into the open and writing them out and then observing them.


Our limitations and self-doubt attract these negative beliefs due to fear, and then the energy of the fear creates the experiences we encounter or attract to us.




Like any change in our life, it takes courage to make the change. When we examine our beliefs it takes courage to make the change. This is so they can be transformed into something better.

Once you know the technique to introduce new beliefs into your subconscious mind, it will become an accepted part of your routine thinking process, which in turn attracts new positive experiences and a more positive reality.


Area you up to the challenge to examine your limiting beliefs?


How to change an existing belief structure


Carefully examine an area in your life you are experiencing difficulty. This could be relationships, money, health etc.


Next in a quiet, safe and nurturing location such as a quiet corner of a park outdoors, or other private space you feel safe in, write out all beliefs related to that area in life you are experiencing difficulty in.


Take your time to do this. It is key to be entirely honest, as possible because without clarity and honest, transformation is not possible.


Reach deep down inside yourself and writ out what you truly feel. The more words you can write down to express these limiting beliefs, the more change you will have, which in turn will create a better belief structure.


After you have written down your limiting beliefs, next to it write the exact opposite. This is because in nature, there always exists an opposite to any effect, like a pool of still water, the reflection is always the opposite of what you see.

Below is an example of a list of beliefs and a list of the opposites.


Limiting Beliefs


Limited Belief - No opportunities exist for me to increase my income


The Opposite of the Limited Belief – Undiscovered and overlooked opportunities exist in abundance all around me.


Limited Belief – I find it awkward to meet new people


The opposite of the limited belief – People are warm and friendly and I talk to people who look friendly and sociable


Limited Belief – There is not enough time to finish my project.

The opposite of the limited belief – I can re-arrange my schedule to make time for important projects.


Once you have examined your new list of beliefs, keep the list a few days than burn it, or detach yourself from it and let it go.


If you don’t experience a positive transformation of your circumstances after this, you may want to try the imprinting technique to re-enforce your newly transformed beliefs.


Complete transformation of a new belief structure, can sometimes take up to 3 months, however the changes are permanent and life long lasting.


The imprinting technique is simply a mantra or affirmation that you repeat on a daily basis, preferably in the morning hours that reaffirms what you are believing in. An example would be, I am open to new positive and rewarding possibilities to increase my income.

Or you can make a “treasure map” which is simply a hand made picture or drawing with images of positive opportunities you would like to\ see come into your life. You can use cut outs from magazines , or draw them with colored pencils.  It does not have to look like a masterpiece, just as long as the message is clear. You can put your treasure map on your refrigerator door or other visible location so your subconscious mind picks up these images and helps with the imprinting process. 


You will know when the imprinting is a success because your life circumstances will start changing for the better. 


The imprinting technique is similar to the process used in schools and education. When you learned to multiply numbers, you repeated the numbers over and over again until they were second nature. Or if you were disciplined in class, you wrote out on the blackboard that you would never do it again. These imprinting techniques used in education are very powerful and you can use these same methods to reaffirm new belief structures in your everyday living.


You can also help increase the power of your imprinting technique by writing down your affirmation on paper while repeating it. This must be done daily for several weeks or until you intuitively feel a shift has occurred.


We have the power to choose any belief system we want, and also have the power to alter/change any belief system that is not serving us or making the world a better place.  Now that you have the tools, you can make any reality you wish.

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