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Solar Conditions: This is known as a maximized Period 3. These are most common from July to November each year and maximized during period 3 years. All of the above conditions similar to a Stage 1 Condition Orange, however the solar wind speed will be above 350, especially for 2 or more days and the sunspots will be dropping for 2 to 3 days in a row. When the X-Ray Background Flux levels are at high numbers, as shown above, this amplifies the Stage 2 Condition Orange even more. New moons can also add to this bad energy.

Stage 2 condition oranges are unique, in that when the conditions are right, they have a tendency to manifest as acts of violence that can impact large numbers of people. A stage 2 condition orange is a period where there is an increased tendency for violence, physical danger and terrorism. These acts of violence will impact 7 or more people in a single event. Examples include 911 and the Boston Marathon bombings. As previously mentioned, for a stage 2 condition orange to occur, there must be solar wind speeds of 350 above with sunspots dropping for 3 or more days in a row. Incidences of Depression and Suicide Significantly Increase. A risk of "hallucinations" and other unstable behavior may occur in mentally unstable individuals.

Additional factors that boost the stage 2 condition periods include a condition yellow 3 days previously. When this merges with X-Ray background Flux levels having been at high levels for the past 10 days, which is usually a period when there have been a higher number of S Optical or C Flares and there is a peak in KP levels, it creates a peak period of energy necessary for a strong Stage 2 Condition Orange. Stage 2 Condition Orange periods also happen to be stronger when the Planetary A index is at higher than average levels and during the period just after a solar maximum.

A Stage 2 condition orange is maximized from September to October

A full in-depth investigative analysis report on how certain spectrums of the sun contribute to outbreaks of violence is avaialble on this page.

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