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Full spectrum lighting, or slightly bluish light is best used for growing plants indoors,it also makes people happier and creates a good mood

Biolumanetics researcher Patrick Richards invented the Lumimator for healing using light. It can also help a persons health return to normal when they hold a special mixture of herbs in their hands which return the body's health using coherence.  This effect also works when you hold a bottle of freshly made Ormus

The Monocrom Light Dome is another Photodynamic therapy that includes the Paterson Lamp.  This is known as PDT Therapy and is very effective for naturally healing skin cancers without surgery.

Jacob Liberman is one of the founders of light therapy.

Carolus Linnseus invented the flower clock, which used different species of flowers that opened and closed according to the time of day, including even 3:00 a.m. in the morning.

Our sun is 400 times larger than our moon and our moon is 400 times further away from the earth

During solar eclipses, the geomagnetic activity of the earth drops considerably

Rene Descartes believed the pinel gland controls how our eyes respond to information

At a new moon the ionosphere expands.  This improves circulation in the body.  This is also a time that the moon is nearest the sun

At a full moon, which is a time the moon is further est from the sun, the ionosphere is squeezed and circulation within the body is more constricted

Rainbows only form when the sunlight reaches 42 degrees and the raindrops are no larger than 4 millimeters

When the suns solar wind impacts earths ionosphere, it creates the aurora australis

Our bodies consist of a saline solution composed of positively charged sodium and negatively charged chlorine, which assists in the conduction of electrons emanating from our sun, similar to the principle that saltwater easily conducts electricity

After sunlight has entered our eyes, 20% or more of this light makes its way to our pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands

Visible light is  half a micron thick and the extracellular matrix of our cells is half a micron thick

Researchers Downes and Blunt proved that UV rays from our sun sterilize and destroy germs

Auguste Rollier cured tuberculosis by building a clinic 5,000 ft in the Swiss Alps to catch unrestricted rays of the sun

Before penicillin was discovered, this began the field of heliotherapy which uses sunlight to cure colitits, gout, anemia, cystits, ateriosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, eczema, acne asthma and burns

Adequate sun boosts the absorption of calcium into the bones

A biologist explains how the remarkable properties of Photon Platinum can change the way we live, improve our health and well being, give us youthful looks, and help protect us from infection.
Source: Coghill Research Labratories

The Number 26 and cycles

The discovery of solar differential rotation happened in 1630 when Christoph Scheiner, after Galileo's sunspot observations, first noticed that the equatorial region of the Sun rotates faster than higher-latitude regions: 26 days at the equator and 30 days at 60° latitude. The Mayans observed a 260 day cycle of gestation.  Earth is approximately 26,000 miles in circumference.  The average human lifespan is approximately 71.2 years or 26,000 days. Human gestation averages 26 days.  Mass extinctions upon earth occur on average every 26 million years.  

Some of these facts were made possible by Cambridge researcher biologist Roger Coghill

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