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It is now a confirmed fact that wamer temperatues coincide with sunspot maximums. Recent Condition Purple and Blue conditions can cause sudden changes in weather microclimates. (Areas where the weather is localized, such as valleys, peaks of mountains or other localized geographic regions). Changes include hot to cold, dry to wet, windy to calm etc. These changes occur more rapidly if the X-Ray background levels are above 4.0, which is usually a time when more sunspots are occurring. These cycles can also be used to bring healing, longevity and prosperity into one's life. The suns solar influence affects the microcosmic orbit in areas of concentrated energy. Examples include the change in microclimates (weather governing a local area) during recent condition blues and purples. Just as a researcher performs experiments in a tightly highly concentrated area, scientific breakthroughs occur more often during increased solar activity. This energy likes tightly, concentrated locations, much like a focused beam. Every place / region on earth is ruled via micro climates. At the start/end of a condition purple, your local micro climate will undergo a change in the weather conditions. These conditions can change from wetter/drier/more sunshine/less sunshine/warmer/cooler. Other changes include: Warmer to Cooler or Vice Versa, More fog or less fog, clear skies or suddenly overcast, windy/breezy or changes to calm and still. These effects happen faster if the X-Ray background levels are at high levels and begin dropping. Usually a condition blue will follow a condition purple, a time of increased sun activity.

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