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This formula is thousands of years old and is a paste that can be re-used.  Although the ancient text did not give the amounts used, it may take some experimentation to perfect it.
Make the following into a paste of oil and wax using the following ingredients:
Oriental Saffron, Rose Petals, Sandalwood EO, Aloe, Amber.  Place in Rose Oil until a liquid with wax.  When dry, apply to forehead before going to sleep. Do this for 3 nights out of a week. The next morning, wipe forehead clean and store in a small tin box. This paste can be re-used again over and over. 
The text also mentions cinnamon powder.  Whether this is used as a base, or in the final formula, needs further clarification. 
Amber powder is a well kept secret for skin rejuvenation and vitality. It has been rediscovered and used in the past few years in skincare preparations and treatments. Because this formula is thousands of years old, Pine Tar may be possibly substituted for Amber, with the Pine Tar being combined with a base, such as beeswax or lye, although I have yet to research this further. 
Other Products with Known Topical Rejuvenation Properties
What is most interesting is when Carnosine is used on the outside of the skin, as a patch, it Significantly Increases Strength, Flexibility and Endurance, as published in a 2012 Human Clinical Study by L. Tully.
The name of the device that uses carnosine in its skin patch is called the Lifewave Y Age.
This proves that an exterior source of the right ingredients can help keep the body strong, healthy and strong for many years when properly used.  It would be interesting to add Carnosine to the Sandlewood, Saffron, Rose Petals and Aloe combination and see what happens, or use Carnosine as a patch on the forehead.  Further study needs to be done on this. 

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