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Analysis of Solar Weather and the December 2nd, 2015 San Bernadine Massacre

This event killed 14 people and severely injured 2 others. Solar conditions once again played a major role in this vicious attack. Once again we can see that a strong condition orange occurred.

A condition orange is where sunspots or the Sunspot Area Hemis, which is a decline in sunspot activity occurs. The other main factor present are higher solar wind speeds above 480 or more and a peak or increase in KP activity (also known as earth's geomagnetic activity).


Let's take a look at the numbers:

Below are sunspot levels. Sunspots dropped for 3 days

Solar Wind approached high levels (above 470).  Solar Wind Speed is shown below.



KP Activity (earth's geomagnetic activity) was in a peaking period above normal levels. KP Activity is shown below.

Solar Resources and Data

Solar Wind




Please note NOAA archives the most recent activity in quarters so after a few months you need to look at the archive to retrive the data.

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