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Published June 2015, A POD Publishing Manual. Free Marketing Strategies for Experienced Amazon Authors
Available now on Amazon.com

Thousands of beautifully written works fall through the cracks of traditional publishing every day. Recently Bowker stated the number of books published daily in the USA is over 3,500 books and growing. This is creating a demand for today's authors to have strong voices and quality tools to engage their readers. With thousands of books published daily, it is a tough world out there for aspiring writers to get noticed. It is also getting tougher for discerning readers to find good books.

Since 2012 there has been an avalanche of self publishing tools, bringing down the price of books printed using POD to between $2.00 and $7.00 per book.


My shortest book at just 70 pages costs a little over $2.00 to print as of June 2015 using Create Space. If you were to use LSI and buy in bulk the cost would be between $1.75 and $2.00.
Many authors teaching self publishing are reluctant to share their secrets, or have outdated resources, not this author. This modern edition, published in 2015, includes up to date tools not found anywhere else. Every writer knows their most valuable commodity is time. Written by an author with 12 POD titles during the last 5 years, totaling over 2,000 pages, this seasoned writer has dedicated this guidebook to beginners in POD publishing, teaching anyone how to profit from their writing. Whether you are new to self publishing or a seasoned writer, use this guidebook and in as little as one week or less, watch more of your books sell.

Maybe you are already an author, having written a few titles of your own, yet are searching for a valuable guide to discover the latest self-publishing and marketing strategies. Perhaps you have published free articles online and want to learn how to merge them into a hardcover book or eBook or maybe you are a struggling author, entrepreneur or coach and have wanted to hit the big time, but had no idea where to begin. If you have mastered a particular skill, there are people out there who are looking for what you have to offer.


Learn how to;

* Generate Multiple Revenue Streams
* Increase your Royalty Payments
* Use Social Media to Sell More Books
* Harness the Power of the Next Generation of Cloud Software Writing Tools
* Avoid Mistakes First Time Author's Make
* Create Your own E-book
* Create an Audio Book
* Find A Translator for your book
* Use Quality Author Tools
* Get Your Book Reviewed
* Sell Your Book by Direct Mail
* Conduct Book Tours
* Place Your Book Sales on Autopilot

Self Publishing connects us to our creativity. Whether you are new to writing, an experienced author, a high power executive wanting to learn what's new, or are a stay at home mom wanting to publish your first recipe book, A POD Publishing Manual. Free Marketing Strategies for Experienced Amazon Authors is dedicated to you!


About the Author

Besides being the author of more than 12 POD books totaling over 2,000 written pages in the last 5 years, I also live in writer's paradise; Portland, Oregon, which also happens to be the location of the world famous Powell's Bookstore. Powell's is the largest independent bookstore in the world, covering approximately 1.6 acres of books, and buying approximately 3,000 books A DAY. By attending hundreds of author signings at Powell's City of Books, I've developed a keen eye of what makes a good book and combined them all into this book so anyone can use them to write POD books that sell.  


 Number of Total Pages: 336



A Little About Myself
Chapter 1
What It's Like To 
Be A Pod Author
How Books "Unplug" Us 
From The Digital Swamp
How To Get The Most Out 
Of This Book. Parts 1 And Part 2 
My First Book Sells
Chapter 2
Why Authors Are 
Choosing Pod
Why Self Publish?
What it Takes to Make it 
as a Writer
After My POD Book has Sold 
a Few Copies how do I Submit
it to a Large Publisher?
How The Publishing Giants 
The 3 Main Costs of Printing
Seizing The POD Opportunity
What is the meaning of the 
term "POD"?
How POD Works
The History of POD
The Good and Bad of 
POD Publishing
Profiting From Utilizing The 
POD Approach
Niche Publications
Publishers that Use POD (Print 
on Demand) Publishing 
The Espresso Machine
The EBM Machine Allows Any 
Author Have their Own Hardcover
Book in Minutes
The History of the Espresso Machine
How to Use Lightening Source to Share 
Your Writing with the World
What is IngramSpark?
2015 Lightening Source Fee Schedule
The Features of Using Lightening Source
How to Increase your profit by 35% by 
self-publishing with Lightening Source 
International (LSI)
Chapter 3
Comparing The Features Of 
The Most Widely Used  
Pod Publishers
What to Look for when 
Choosing your POD Publisher
Reviewing the 3 Main 
POD Publishers
and their Customer Service, 
Fees, Book Distribution,  
Coverage, Bulk Discounts, 
and Accepted Document 
How To Make Your Book Appear
In Book Databases as If It Was 
Published By A Big Publisher
How to Distribute Your Book 
using Ingram if you already 
are distributing using Create Space
Book Distribution Entry Channels. 
How Long Before My Book 
is Made Available?
Printing Cost Comparison
Between the Big 3
Comparing Ground and 
Shipping Costs between 
Create Space and Lightening Source
Retailer Discount Comparison 
Between the Big 3
How To Self Publish Your book 
In Amazon KDP
How To Make Your Book Appear 
In Book Databases as If It Was 
Published By A Big Publisher
How to Distribute Your Book using 
Ingram if you already are distributing 
using Create Space
Book Distribution Entry Channels.  
How Long Before My Book is 
Made Available?
Printing Cost Comparisons 
Between the Big 3
The Cost to Print Your Book Using 
Lightening Source
The Cost to Print Your Book 
Using Create Space
The Cost to Print Your Book Using 
Exploring Your Author Royalty
Structure of the Big 3 PODS 
LuLu Royalty Structure
Create Space Royalty Structure
Lightening Source Royalty Structure
Lulu Royalty Structure 
How To Self Publish Your book 
In Amazon KDP
Chapter 4
Reviewing Pod Publishers 
That Cost Less Than 
$5 To Print Your Book
The POD E commerce Option
Making the most of your ISBN
Where to Buy a Book ISBN
Chapter 5
Tips To Increasing Book Sales 
Using Amazon
Your Sales on Amazon
Improving your Books Amazon Listing
How to Create your Listmania! List
How To Use Amazon Book Tags To
Draw More Traffic To Your Book
Using Amazon Reviewers to Gather 
Positive Word of Mouth about Your
 New Book 
How to Use Amazon Associates To 
Generate Extra Revenue from Your 
How Amazon Associate Works

How to Shorten a Long Amazon URL
Chapter 6
How To Create Multiple 
Streams Of Income Using 
Your Book
What Method Sells Books the 
How To Get Your Hardcover Book
 into Bookstores
Which Season Sells the Most 
How to Use 3-way Leverage for 
Book Promotion
How to Properly Position Your 
Book in the Right Market to 
Increase Sales 
How to Get Your Book Noticed
 in Bookstores 
When To Run Credit Checks
School and University 
Goodie Bags 
A Shoe String Book 
Promotion Tip
Using Author Central to Attract 
Interest in your Titles
The Best Publications that Give 
Your Book Maximum Exposure to
Thousands of Potential Reader's 
Giving Interviews
Make your Information Convenient
for Others to Access
Using the Celebrity Market to
 Promote Your Book
Creating a Press Media Kit to 
Announce Your Book
How To Advertise Your Book
In Magazines
How to Use Paid Book 
Promotion Services
How to Place Print Ads 
How to Gather Positive Word of 
Mouth about Your New Book
How to Use Free Shipping as 
an Incentive
How Scented Pages Help Sell 
Magazines and Books
How to Scent the Pages of a 
Book or Magazine
Creating Bundled Packages to 
Generate More Sales 
What Market Sells the Most Books?
How to Make Your Books into PDF’s 
How To Create A PDF Document 
With Clickable Links
Unleashing the Power of PDF to 
Profit From Your Writing
How to Sell Your Book Using
Multiple Titles
Foreign Language Genres 
That Sell The Best 
What Book Categories are 
Best Selling?
Chapter 7
A Dozen Of The Best 
Ideas You Can Use 
To Sell Your Book
1: Profiting from Your Written 
2: How To Profit From Creating 
Multiple Versions Of Your Book 
3: Creating Bundled Packages 
To Add Value
4: Create a Tele-seminar and 
reach up to 1000 people.
How to Plan a Tele-seminar
5: Using the Periodicals to 
Promote Your Book
6: Using You Tube to Promote Your Book
7: Sell Advertising Space In Your Book
8: Selling Your Book to the Military 
9: Secrets To Increasing Sales By 
Autographing Your Book 
10: Place Your Book in Catalogs
11: Effective Ways Of Using Free 
Previews Chapters To Sell Your Book
How Auto Responders Personalize The Reading Experience
How to Create Free Chapter Previews of Your Book
12: Using Business Cards to Promote Your Book
Chapter 8
How To Receive 
Numerous Author 
IBPA Member Discounts
Chapter 9
How To Use The
E-Book Market 
To Sell EBooks
What Is DRM And How 
Does It Work?
What is an EPUB file?
What are the Compatibility 
Differences between Amazon Kindle 
and Barnes and Noble's Nook?
Can PDF's be read on a Nook?
Can PDF's be read on a Kindle?
Can I read Amazon Kindle books on 
Nook and Nook books on Amazon 
Ebook and POD Publishing Services 
that Use Cloud Based Editing and 
Publishing Platforms
Free eBook Converter
eBook Fulfillment Service
Chapter 10
How To Break Into 
The Niche 
Book Market
What is a Niche Market?
What do I do If my Niche 
Becomes Saturated?
How to publish a newsletter to 
maintain reader loyalty
Using a Newsletter to Keep
 Book Sales Going
How to Write an Author 
Mailing Your Newsletter 
Hold a Contest 
How to Use Free Giveaways to 
Generate Your Mailing List
Chapter 11
Proven Online 
Methods To Promote 
And Sell Your Book
Little Known Secrets Recognized 
Authors Use To Sell Millions Of
 Their Books
Proven Strategies that Generate 
Sales of Your Book from Your Website 
Secrets Of Using A Website To
Promote Your Book 
Making The Most Of Your 
Website To Sell Your Book 
Attracting People To Your
Using a Latest News Page 
For Return Visits
How to Get Free Advert free 
Website Statistics 
Using Web Directories To 
Promote Your Book 
Bulk E-mail Lists
Use Creativity in Your 
Using Toll Free Numbers 
to Promote 
Keys To Attracting Lots Of 
Traffic to Your Website
Chapter 12
Secrets To Using Forums, 
Discussion Groups And 
Comment Boards
What are Discussion Groups?
Finding which Self Publishers 
sell the most books
Keeping Your Website Visitors 
coming Back 
Chapter 13
Descriptions Of Top 
Rated Online 
Promotion Resources 
For Authors 
To Promote 
Their Books
Chapter 14
Secrets Of Using 
Direct Mail To 
Promote Your 
Book Successfully
Best Selling Books that Sell Well 
using Direct Mail 
How to Use Card Packs to Sell 
Your Books
Using A Third Class Mail 
Bulk Permit
Media Mail
How To Track Where The 
Highest Number Of Your 
Books Are Being Sold 
The Best Times To Direct Mail 
Your Books 
More Direct Mailing Ideas
Direct Mailing Companies
Direct Mail Company Directory
The Gale Directory
Chapter 15
The Best Reviewed 
Quality Resources 
For Authors
How to Use Free Online 3D 
Bookcover Software to Give
Your Book Cover an Outstanding 
Online Appearance
The Best Location To Shoot 
Book Videos
How to Get Free Quality Photos
using Flickr
Using The Power Of A Blog To Send 
People To Your Website
Using Catalogs to Promote Your Book
Free Software for Creating E-Books
Locating Writers Conferences & 
Writing Workshops on ShawGuides
Part 2
Some Highlights of Part 2
How to Make an Audio book out of Your Book
Book Writing Tips and Techniques
Secrets of Writing and Getting Your 
Book  Published
Writers Cottages and Resources
The Book Review Process
How to Present Your Book at Fairs 
Tours and Conferences 
Chapter 16
Understanding The 
Book Review Process
How ARC's are used to make a 
decision on Book Purchases 
made by Indiebound
ARC’s Galley Copies and Proofs
What are ARC's?
What are Galley Copies?
What are Bound Galley Copies?
What are Proofs?
What are Uncorrected Proofs? 
Which Method Printing is the Most 
Cost Effective?
Chapter 17
The Book Writing Process
Where Will My Book Sales Come 
The Evolving Stages of 
a Book
A More In Depth Examination of 
How a Book Emerges
Using a Book of Quotations to
Smooth Out Your Writing
How to Successfully Edit Your 
How The Large Publishing Presses
 Operate and Distribute Their Books
University Press Publishers
Elementary and High School Texts
Religious Publishers
Submitting Your Book to the Big 
Publishing Firms 
How A Book Proceeds Through
 The Large Publishers
How to Increase the Chances Your 
Book Will Be Accepted By A Large 
Writing Non-Fiction
Writing Fiction
Who are the 3 Oldest Operating 
Printing Presses?
How To Create An Attractive 
Book Cover
Designing Your Book’s Cover 
How To Get Your Book Translated
How to Make an Audio book 
out of Your Book
Chapter 18
Understanding Writing 
Style And Technique
A More In Depth Examination of 
How a Book Emerges
What Genres of Books Sell The Best 
Why Do People Buy Particular 
Types Of Books?
What Type Of Book Should I Write?
Which is The Best Time of Day 
to Write?
What Reader's Enjoy  
Finding Your Writing "Voice"
How to Write a Compelling Book 
How To Hold Your Reader's Attention 
How to Write Better than Your
How To Word Your Writing of 
That of an Expert
How To Add Life To Your Words
Removing Writers Block 
A Time Saving Tip
How To Sharpen Your 
Writing Skills
Reader Reviews and Testimonials 
Book Reviews You Don't Want to 
Hear From Reader's of Your Book 
Famous Writers that Never
Finished School
Chapter 19
Understanding The Writing 
Writing Courses for Fun and 
Which Book Topics Command 
Higher Prices
Why Books Sold As a Volume
 Or Series Sell
How Do I Know How Much 
Demand There Is For My Idea? 
The Number of Pages Accepted 
Varies by Book Size
How to Find Similar Titles 
Related to Your Book 
Locating and Finding What 
Topic is Currently Hot and Popular
Getting the Most out of Your 
Library Research 
How to Find the Kindle 
Best Sellers
What Libraries Look For 
when Purchasing Books 
Releasing Your Book  In Stages
Chapter 20
Understanding The Book 
Review Process
Receiving Exposure of Your Book by 
Getting Your Book Reviewed
The Types of Reviewers
Top Amazon Reviewers
Amazon Reader Reviewers
How to Find Amazon Reviewers 
Removing Unfair Reviews of Your 
Book from Amazon
How To Respond to Reader Reviews 
How To Respond to Reader Reviews 
Soliciting Reviews from 
Mainstream Publishers
How to Get Reviews from Bloggers
How to Get Lots of Reviews for Your 
Book Fast
Chapter 21
How To Request 
Book Reviews
Sending Editors, Bookstores 
And Magazines A Review 
Secrets Of Mailing Your Book 
To Editors 
How To Save Money On 
Review Requests 
How To Get Free And Paid 
Reviews Of Your Book 
Using Paid Review Services 
How To Use Media 
Monitoring Services
Chapter 22
Putting Expertise 
Into Your Writing
Positioning  Yourself as an 
Capitalizing in on the Demand 
for Scientific Writing
Avoid Deviating from the Original
Doing Webinars About Your Book 
How to Teach Online Courses That 
Relate to Your Expertise 
How to Market Your Expertise
Chapter 23
Reviews of over 50 Writers 
Cottages, Emergency 
Assistance Funds, Resources 
and Retreats for Writers
Emergency assistance Funds and
Retreats for Writers
A Descriptive List of 37 of The Best 
Artist Colonies And Residencies
When Disaster Strikes: Emergency 
Resources for Writers
Additional Resources for Writer 
Retreats and Colonies 
Upcoming Writer Events
Additional  Writer Resources
How do I Become a 
Writer in residence?
What is the Cost for a 
Writer in Residence? 
Conditions For Becoming 
an Artist in Residence 
Writer in Residence 
Artists in Residence 
Chapter 24
How To Present Your Book At 
Fairs Tours And Conferences
Calculating Your Profit While
Doing Book Tours 
How To Use Book Displays
How To Record Book Your 
Books Lecture Video
Editing Your Book Lecture
Videos For Free
Selling Your Book Person To Person
Offer To Be An Expert On Your Topic
Using The Learning Annex
Creating A High Quality Book Poster 
That Draws Crowds 
Secrets To Creating An 
Outstanding Book Poster
Chapter 25
Secrets To 
Staying Organized
How to Effectively Organize 
Massive Amounts of Information 
and Do More in Less Time
Binder example #1
Binder Example #2 
Binder example #3 
Further Recommended 
Chapter 26
Reviews Of Quality 
Resources For Pod Authors
JacketFlap For Writers and
JacketFlap for Publishers 
and Editors 
JacketFlap for Librarians 
Chapter 27
Your Book's Pre-
Launch Check List
Checklists to help get your book 
off to a great start

This book covers book marketing for your book, as well as elements of author cover design for your book cover and how to work with book cover designers. These are key marketing tools for your book. Pre-Made book covers are also important.

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