How to Change Reality by Altering Your Belief System How to Change Reality by Altering Your Belief System
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A few weeks ago I was intrigued by a swami called Swami Bua. (Swami Bua (Buaji) passed away on July 22, 2010 at the age of 120.)  He had spent many years in New York City.  What is most remarkable is how healthy he looks for his age.

Yoga has been proven to enhance circulation and promote awareness of the mind.  Besides practicing and teaching Yoga to the citizens of New York, Swama Bua blows a conch shell almost each day and has been known to blow this shell non-stop for days at a time. The conch shell follows the Golden Mean Ratio.  Also known as the PHI Ratio. The ratio of PHI occurs in a spaced based ratio of either direction at 1.6 units of measurement. This special shape of geometry is found all over nature.  When nature grows, some organisms expand their growth in relation to the golden mean ratio of phi.  Many of these organisms have longer than normal lifespan. One excellent example is the Pine Tree, which produces pine cones that grow based on the Golden Mean Ratio.


Other Interesting Facts

The Queen conch shell can live up to 40 years.

The anti aging HGH molecule is made up of 191 amino acids and happens to be shaped like a conch shell

The conch shell contains amino acids consisting mainly of aspartic acid, glycine. alanine and glutamic acid.

Conch Shell powder is used in Ayurvedic healing to cure stomach problems.

Pine Cones and Longevity

One species of Pine Tree called, The Bristlecone Pine Tree, is one of nature’s oldest living trees.  They are thousands of years old. The pine cone grows based on the Golden Mean Ratio.

Methuselah is a 4844–4845-year-old[1] Great Basin bristlecone pine (Pinus longaeva) tree growing high in the White Mountains of Inyo County in eastern California
Source: Wikipedia

The soil that the Bristlecone Pines grow in is composed of Dolomite soil, which is closely related to calcium.  Perhaps these trees live so long because the Dolomite soil captures nutrients from the soil and rain, which than form amino acids which are then taken up by tree and are easily assimilated into tree. The great pyramid in Giza was composed of a limestone covering, which is similar to Dolomite. Dolomite limestone has also been proven to contain amino acids.

Additional Resources:
Pure stands of bristlecone pines can only be found in dolomite soils.

Dolomite is a naturally occurring form of calcium and magnesium. Best known for building strong bones and teeth


Pine Pollen and Anti-Aging

Items that contain the Golden Mean Ratio are high in Amino Acid Content and the pine cone is no exception. Once per year in early spring, Pine Cones release a special substance called Pine Pollen, which is filled amino acids. Pine Pollen is now scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels, promote digestion, and build strength and endurance.  Pine Pollen powder is also used as a beauty cosmetic to enhance beauty and improve complexion.  Pine Pollen only occurs during the season of Spring, the time of year nature shows itself strongest. Pine Pollen is an adaptogenic herb. The special class of herbs that boost the immune system and promote longevity. These herbs must be used in moderation because they are so powerful. Pine pollen is a rich source of vitamin B6 and contains Vitamin A and many B vitamins which enhance circulation of the body’s blood. Fermented Pine Pollen is the highest grade pine pollen because it is so easy assimilated by the stomach. Pine Nuts which come from pine trees are high in Amino Acids and when Dolomite is added to soil, the amino acids increase.

Pine Pollen is produced only in spring and contains 18 amino acids. These energies that produce pressure on pine cones to produce pine pollen during spring show that during spring, there must exist a higher concentrated form of energy of some kind, perhaps comic ray based or energy from earth's geomagnetic energy, which is higher in spring. Springtime is a good time of year to increase circulation building herbs, which lowers your chance of having a stroke.  Research has shown that more strokes occur during spring and winter.


The Amino Acid Connection

Pure amino acids untouched by contamination and created by fermentation are created by nature and are the most potent anti aging materials.  One perfect example is wine, which creates amino acids during fermentation.

One theory these trees live so long is due to the soil acting as a holder or sponge from the nutrients and rainwater in the soil, which the tree than absorbs. When dolomite limestone is added to soil growing wheat, the yields are larger. Limestone, similar in structure to calcium and dolomite, was used in the pyramid of Egypt, which happened to be built using the mathematics of PHI.


How Pressure Forms Amino Acids

Diamonds, one of the most valuable gems on earth are formed under extreme pressure.  Amino acids, the building blocks of life can also be formed under pressure. Himalayan Salt, one of natures finest health foods, is formed under intense tectonic pressure

Amino Acids Extend Mice Life 12% – Could It Work On Humans
Source: Singularity Hub


What is even more interesting is the amino acid Arginine has been proven to be a powerful anti-aging amino acid. Such as the work done by Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad.

"If you're over forty and starting to notice signs of aging then, according to the Egyptian biochemist Mohamed Gad, there's a very simple way to restore your youth and vitality. Every evening before going to bed, take 5 g L-arginine and your body will soon start to function better"
Source: ERGO-LOG



Glancing blow from a comet could create amino acids

Scientific Article confirming Amino acids forming under pressure

Another pressure force is formed when wine is fermented.  This fermentation produces amino acids.

Our galaxy, especially the center of it, is also based on the Golden Mean

Because in nature so many organisms based on phi have pressure related characteristics, I believe that the center of our galaxy does not have a black hole, like many scientists speculate, but is rather composed of a pressurized "soup" of gasses. If you've ever held an unopened pine cone in your hand, and tried to open it up, you will find it is extremely hard to open due to the high pressure formed by the PHI growing design. Meteors carry amino acids in them and some meteors may come from as far as the center distant galaxies. This means that the center of our galaxy may not have a black hole, as many scientists think, but instead has a large compacted mass of gasses. How else could meteors have picked up the building blocks of life? as we have shown here that shapes based on the golden mean produce amino acids. I could be wrong, but it's just my theory. 

Amino acid survival in large cometary impacts E. Pierazzo, C.F. Chyba


The Human Body and the Geometry of PHI

When exercises are made following the Goldean Mean Ratio, the body's muscles become perfectly toned into beautiful artistic shapes.  These forms of exercises are known as Adonis Exercise.


Some Sites:

The Human Face of Beauty based on PHI


The Golden Ratio and Human Influence and Power

Here are some interesting facts concerning the Pine Cone and People in Power:


The pope has a staff with a pine cone on it,

There is a huge  pine cone in the Vatican complex



Syrian Kings and Priests holding a Pine Cone to a rock face or cliff.

Syrian Kings and Priests directing it at an animal, which seems to be stunned.

Hitler's Desk had Images of Pine Cones

And the Human Pineal Gland is shaped just like a pine cone.

The Human Pineal Gland synthesizes the amino acid serotonin which is converted into melatonin an anti-aging substance.
Source: Colorado State University

It is generally accepted that antioxidant properties of melatonin significantly contribute to its antiaging effect
Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine

The Shape of PHI as as Focal Tool


I thought if the ratio of PHI is related to the great pyramid of Giza, than this must explain the power of the sun square. Remember, when the sun square is used properly, it creates a powerful field of energy, which can be used for healing or material gain. And as this webpage shows, the sun square mirrors the 3 dimensional structure of the great pyramid in holographic form.  And because experiments have shown that visualizing a pyramid over an area has similar effects to an actual structure, it means that the dimensions of PHI have an effect on consciousness.  So I tried an experiment with some dull razors, I visualized the power of PHI and sent this energy to charge and re-sharpen my razors, and it worked.  Scientific research has shown that placing a physical pyramid over blunt razors re-sharpens them.  Reserach is also starting to show that using your imagination to picture a pyramid over an area has the same effects as the actual pyramid being there.
Source #1
Source #2

I think the pyramid acts as a focal tool, or point that the mind uses based on the PHI energy, rather than the actual pyramid itself doing the work.  So if you used your imagination a few minutes each day picturing a pyramid shape over plants or a razor blade, it will have the same effects. This means that what we visualize strongly enough in our mind, can have influence on our surroundings.

Thought, Intention and Bacteria

Because destructive emotions have been proven to cause disease and illness, I believe that healing and health which I believe begins at the microorganism level is a form of bacteria that relates to intention.  It is fact that intention can affect bacteria. Just Google Intention + affect bacteria and you will find numerous scientific articles proving this fact.

Perhaps intention helps form good bacteria that heals when intention is applied and the opposite is also true.  It is also a fact that just after the great depression began there were many new diseases.

So in closing, perhaps forms in the structure exhibiting the golden mean phi ratio capture some type of energy and it is "discharged" by some sort of action, which the amino acids than use to prolong life.  An example That's just my theory and I could be wrong.


The Miller–Urey experiment.

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