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Dow Jones Forecast for Friday July 24th, 2015

Expect mild Dow activity for the Dow Jones On Friday July 24th, 2015, closing between 30 and 50 points
lower at the close of the trading day.

Weather and Solar Conditions done during Dow Remote Viewing Event:

2 Days into newly arrived Low Pressure System
Magnetometer Levels Quiet and undisturbed
Solar Wind Speed: 480.6
KP levels around 20 (storm occurring) due to drop in the next 3 days
X-ray background flux levels have been in decline the previous 4 days.

The strong points here are the undisturbed magnetometer decline in x-ray background flux, apogee moon just ending and the low pressure system. Previous success has occurred during a peak in KP values, which during the right conditions can yield a successful forecast. 

Published: July 22nd, 2015
Barometric Air Pressure and Remote Viewing 

Surface Characteristics of Surface Water Tension.  Concave VS Convex

Atmospheric pressure affects the bubbles in coffee. If the bubbles are closer to the center, expect rain or stormy weather.  This occurs because bubbles are mostly air and light. The bubbles will migrate towards the highest point on the water surface of a warm medium. During low atmospheric pressure or rainy weather, the warm water experiences a minor upwards pull, such as in the vortex of a cyclone where roofs become blown inwards since they are pulled upwards, causing a convex shape. So bubbles in a warm medium rise towards the center. During high atmospheric pressure, which causes a clear sky, the water surface becomes concave due to. This occurs because the highest points on the surface are now the edges instead of the center and causes the bubbles to align as a ring around the sides of the cup.

Patent for Magnetic vortex wormhole generator

This invention relates to a magnetic vortex generator which has the ability to generate negative mass and a negative spring constant which, according to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity, is required in order to create a stable wormhole between our space and hyperspace.

"there is a region just above us having a lower water pressure which corresponds to the low density hyperspace energy." View Patent



Observations of a Reduction in Energy Fields Leading to Enhanced Remote Viewing According to Geographic Location/Region. 

As far as geographic location goes, an increase in clarity has occurred in regions just outside of zones where there is a magnetic anomaly occurring. This "sweet spot" usually has rocks that have been demagnetized, compared to rocks that have been magnetized inside the anomaly. For example downtown Portland, OR or is situated on a major magnetic anomaly and south of topanga, CA lays just outside a magnetic anomaly zone. 

Once again we see a reduction in energy.  Just outside of a magnetic anomaly zone is where the rocks turn from magnetized to de-magnetized.

"Distinct magnetic total force anomalies are associated with many, but not all, liquid-dominated geothermal reservoirs in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, which stand in thick, young (<0.7 Ma) volcanic host rocks. The anomalies are caused by demagnetized rocks (a result of hydro-thermal alteration) in the upper 0.5–1 km section of the reservoirs; the phenomenon has been confirmed by core studies. A rather subdued and almost featureless pattern occurs over a few prospects where rocks lying outside the reservoir have also lost their magnetization by interaction with acidic, steam-heated water."

Source; Research Gate

Disturbances in Earth's Magnetosphere and Remote Viewing Sessions of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

After analyzing the dow jones remote viewing results and comparing them to the effects from earth's magnetometer we get the following periods from best to worst.

Best time for remote viewing: Just after a magnetometer disturbance 
The second best time for remote viewing: 24 hours just before a magnetometer disturbance

(These are both sweet spot zones)

The third best time for remote viewing: When the magnetometer is quiet.
The worst time, when the magnetometer is disturbed.

You can find an archive of the 2015 magnetometer at the link below courtesy of NOAA

As we can see just before and after a disturbance of energy lies a "sweet spot" where the conditions are right for remote viewing. 

What is the Goes Magnetometer?

The GOES magnetometer helps identify the buildup and release of energy in Earth’s magnetosphere that occurs during geomagnetic storms and sub-storms.
View real time magnetometer levels at:

The Windows

The positive results of Remote viewing accuracy is significantly enhanced during certain solar and regional weather conditions. Using the chart below, we can forecast when these "windows of accuracy" take place. When these windows open, we can than remote view the Dow 24 to 72 hours ahead of time.  Because we are currently beta testing this system, the results will be posted at the top of this page. 

Window #1 - When is the solar wind speed due to enter the 350 range? This occurs most often 3 to 4 days after major solar activity. If the solar wind speed has crossed the 50% threshold barrier headed towards the next increase in solar wind speeds, the forecast is not done.

Window #2 - when the weather forecast is due to become cooler.  The arrival of a low pressure system. This newly arriving low pressure system will vary depending on where you live. Just as the best results are obtained when the solar wind speed first enters the 350 range, the same 50% rule applies to the drop in atmospheric air pressure.

Seasonal Characteristics of Remote Viewing the Dow

What is interesting is that a high pressure system is a time the air becomes warmer and our research has shown that the months of March and April are seasonally the best times for remote viewing the dow. March, April happen to be the months of late spring, just before warmer temperatures begin in the summer time in North America.



Remote Viewing and Air Pressure Sweet Spots

The best results have occurred 24 hours before a dramatic rise in air pressure after the air pressure has been dropping for the previous 3 days.  Another sweet spot is the last 24 hours before an increase in air pressure that lasts 3 days or more.  The more dramatic or sharper the increase, the better the results. If the barometric air pressure has been dropping for the previous 3 days, and a high is about to occur, the last 24 hours before this high occurs, still carries with it momentum from the last few days, making remote viewing  during this time favorable. The more dramatic the drop or the forecasted increase, the better the results.  Higher sunspots may contribute to a stronger rise or drop.

Air Pressure Basics;
Surface air pressure is less as you travel north or go up in elevation. The greater the difference in air pressure between two competing systems, the greater the wind.  Upcoming cooler temperatures mean an upcoming low and increased winds can be a stronger low.

"The proceedings of the Second International Congress on Psychotronic Research included several papers on dowsing. Apostol and Dumitrescu (1975) presented an abstract on their work. They found that the electric potential between dowsers’ palms was correlated with a number of variables such as galvanic skin response, magnetic field, soil temperature, and atmospheric pressure. They found that the ‘dowsing area’ (an undefined term) was correlated to geophysical anomalies and that its extent showed a diurnal variation. "

..................... The Link Between Low Pressure and Increased Humidity.

Our hypothesis that barometric low pressure in a regional geographic location, which has an increased positive ion count, may be responsible for sending information from the future back to the present.  When a barometric low pressure system occurs, it also increases humidity. This makes the air heavier and more dense.  This is based on the scientific fact that Cherenkov radiation particles naturally travel faster than the speed of light (which distorts space time) when in a dense medium such as water.  If any of you out there are aware of Cherenkov radiation, you understand that the particles only travel faster than the speed of light when they are placed in a dense heavy medium.  

When the air is more humid, it causes the surrounding air to become more dense; thus possibly more susceptible to detecting future emotion/events. Therefore could the increased humidity (based on a low pressure system occurring at microclimate switch point) be responsible for increased accuracy of detecting future emotion?

When high-energy cosmic rays and gamma rays enter the atmosphere, they emit Cherenkov light. Atmospheric neutrinos result from the interaction of cosmic rays with atomic nuclei in the Earth's atmosphere, creating showers of particles, many of which are unstable and produce neutrinos when they decay.

Faster than the Speed of Light

Another interesting observation is when our sun’s x-ray background flux starts to decline, we also have increased remote viewing accuracy.  So we have 2 periods of “declining energy levels”

I also found this formula showing that measuring the decaying of atoms can be used as a guage to measure time distortion.The Perseid meteor shower occurs each year around the night of August 11 each year.And scientists have now discovered that there are more cosmic rays during meteor showers.



Further Reading:

How to Find Faster than light Particles

Is there an equivalent of the sonic boom for light?
Because the particle is moving faster than the speed of light in water, it can trigger a cascade of photons that are in phase with each other and can interfere constructively to form a visible blue glow.”


extensive air shower traverses the earth's atmosphere the relativistic charged particles in the shower emit Cherenkov light. Cherenkov light is the electromagnetic equivalent of a sonic boom

HAWC Observatory



Study by the University of Colorado at Boulder showing 7 out of 7 RV
Sessions for the Dow Average achieved a 100% Success Rate

Read the Published Scientific Paper

Read the Investigative Report by EZ3DBIZ.com titled:
The Best Times to Remote View the Future Position of the Dow Jones Industrial Average


Watch a Video Presentation of the University RV Study predicting the future Dow Jones

 Solar weather conditions are currently highly unfavorable for Dow Jones remote viewing.  However we are testing a new device to stabilize the information transfer and are going to post for the Dow Jones on Monday July 13th, 2015.   If a success, we hope to further refine the device. 

on Monday July 13th, 2015 the dow jones closed u + 217.27 (1.22%)


Solar Weather Conditions of forecast made on July 13th, 2015

There was a microclimate weather switch point
Barometric Air Pressure was rising and forecast to rise the next 72 hours
Humidity had been increasing the last few days
Solar wind and KP at high aggravated speeds

Summary: These are possibly the worst conditions for remote viewing the dow, the only positive being a microclimate switch point which occurred on Monday.

The dow is forecast to have medium strength, closing lower on Monday July 13th, 2015.

On Friday July 10th, 2015, the Dow Jones is forecast to close between 50 and 80 points lower 
Solar Wind Speed when forecast was made: 375.9 

Friday July 10th, 2015, the dow closed up + 211.79 (1.21%)

Solar Weather Conditions on July 9th, 2015:

There was no microclimate switch date
Surge in KP levels going from 5 to 7
Solar Wind Speed when forecast was made: 375.9 
KP storm activity forecasted for the 11th of july to be double strength than the last kp storm 7 days ago
Air Pressure rose on Friday July 10th, 2015, compared to air pressure having dropped on Thursday July 9th, 2015.  This may mean that forecast accuracy is increased when the air pressure is forecast to drop 24 to 48 hours in advance.
Historical Weather: WeatherSpark

Summary for failed dow forecast on July 10th, 2015. The increase in geomagnetic activity, along with the absence of a microclimate switch point date, possibly resulted in a failed forecast.  Because all remote viewing sessions occur 6.5 hours before the star Antares rises in the east, perhaps the higher geomagnetic activity occurring during this time created a failed forecast.   


Is it possible that at the right solar wind speeds, our future selves might be giving us some type of guidance, or that the communications link to our future selves is stronger during these times?

Research Notes

Research Notes 1-- 

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Research Notes 4 -- (most recent)

Pressure Map #2 (Black Line is Pressure Detailed)

U.S. Nationwide Air Pressure Map

Long Range 2 week weather forecast 


48 hour pressure forecast 


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