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This new formulation I found while doing alchemy research is called the Oil of Vitriol.  It appears the humble egg has many healing properties, for both the interior of the body as well as the exterior skin of the body. In the case of Oil of Vitriol, it can be used for burns, as well as for rejuvenating the skin. 
The process simplified in regards to using it for burns:
Spray a burn with cold water until the heat is reduced and the layers of the skin stop burning. Next get some eggs and seperate the whites and beat slightly until they form a complete mixture.  Place on the affected area.  After a while a the egg white will dry, forming a protective layer upon the skin.
Continue the process hourly with new egg whites, until no more pain is felt. By the next day no trace of burn will remain.
This is just the simplified method.  The next method goes into more detail where you can extract the oil and use it for rejuvenative purposes. You can also use a Soxhlet extractor to make Oil of Egg.
Video of how to make Egg Oil:

Making an Egg Tincture
Start with your eggs hard boiled and the yolks clearly separated. Mash yolk using a potato masher, getting them as fine as you can. Next spread evenly over a foil-lined cookie sheet and place on the bottom rack of the broiler of your oven. (If you do not have a broiler, you can place under heat lamps). Set your oven temperature to 350 degrees F to start. Watch carefully, removing frequently to check and to stir and mash with a fork. Continue on doing this until you note that there is no more steam rising from the yolk. Remove and cool. The yolk will be dark yellow to toasty tan in color. When this is cool, place in a blender (small amounts at a time) and grind to a fine consistency. Have several clean quart size jars with lids ready. Fill the jars 1/2 full with the ground yolks. Cover the yolks with pure grain alcohol until it reaches two fingers breadth above the yolks. Be sure that the cover is tightly sealed and the inside lid is lined with plastic.
Shake jars until all of yolk is mixed with alcohol. Next place the jars on electric warming trays (if you don't have any, then find a warm place to store, such as on top of a furnace or hot water heater, or in a sunny window, or even in the oven if you have a gas pilot light that runs). Leave for 2 weeks, shaking each day.
After 2 weeks, you will need to filter the product into another container. The solid egg matter is than discarded. What remains is the egg tincture. Save 1/2 of this tincture. Store in dark colored bottles that have a dropper cap.
Usage Instructions: Take 3-4 drops a day in a small amount of wine or water. After two weeks, allow your body to regulate and communicate what your dosage should be by listening to your intuition. 
What is interesting in the above formula is that when making Oil of Egg, the yolks are separated. This process is also used when eggs are used to make the Sourcer's Stone, as shown on my Alchemy Page.
The Master Cho Method
Master Cho told a story of an old Japanese woman giving him this recipe.  It is a simplified method to make the Oil of Egg. This oil is so powerful, it has been known to sprout cooked beans if used properly.
Cook a dozen egg yolk on medium heat.
When they are golden brown and “ready to eat”, turn up the heat to high.
Break egg into small particles.
Continue heating until oil releases, press oil from egg and remove from heat.
Store oil in a jar in the medicine cabinet.
Takes 20~30 minutes of high heat until oil releases. Make sure to have plenty of ventilation.
Paracelsus on Oil of Egg
(Paracelsus, Franz Hartmann) talks about extracting the Ens of Herbs (spirit and soul) by placing herbs in saturated solutions of undistilled angel water and then gently pouring over a Spirit of Wine, allowing it to macerate until the Ens rise into the Spirit of Wine and gently separating the two.
The same can be done on the yolks of hard boiled eggs to extract the oil of egg. If this is done carefully and with a dozen or so eggs, the oil will mix with the alcohol and the angel water, and it also forms drops of pure oil floating between the two which means that it is only a matter of separation of the oil to obtain it. Rather than bothering with removing the oil tincting the angel water and the S W, just add more egg yolks for the extraction of more oil.
Another Method to Make Oil of Egg
The oil of egg made from the yolk is very high in protein, which is an excellent healing agent. When applied to a cut or wound healing is greatly accelerated sometimes up to 50 percent more. 
To make oil of egg, take the second 1/2 of the tincture and place in a retort. [A simple distillation train will also work. - Ed.] Next place the retort into a container of sand that is placed on top of a electric coil heater and turn the heat on to low. Next place a open-mouth container under the neck of the retort to hold the fluid that will evaporate and then condense as it comes over.  After you see there is no more fluid coming over, you will be left with oil of egg in the retort.
Next store it in dark colored bottles with dropper caps and use by placing a drop onto a cut or wound 1-2 times per day.  Be sure you do not contaminate the dropper by touching any object directly and then returning it to the bottle, as this tincture readily picks up and holds foregin bacteria. 
Take as tonic for re-vitalizing your whole body and nervous system. It increases energy naturally and is great for the skin. 
The Benefits of Oil of Egg
Oil of egg is great for the skin, has anti aging and anti viral properties, heals wounds five times faster than normal, clears acne and rough skin. Taken internally helps depression, arterioschlerosis, improves memory and intelligence. A great brain booster. These based on studies in Europe and clinically proven in Swiss and Austrian hospitals.
Oil of Egg is used as a salve, as a skin rejuvenator, an anti scarring agent and anti bacterial. Internally it breaks up plaque in the bloodstream and is rich in antioxidants and is a good safe treatment for depression. It mixes well with hemp oil and can be scented with essential oils. It is a good carrier for other herbal and mineral preparations.
Spectrometer reveals that Oil of Egg is similar in composition to Indian Ghee.
If you do an Internet search with the term: Indian Ghee + Burns, you will also find that Indian Ghee is also one of the best cures for burns. 
The following is studies done in Europe as per Dr. Narowki’s website and his Oil of Egg product used in Austria and Switzerland:
Scientific studies with Charismon® (Oil of egg)
1.scientif. clinical study at the University clinic for children-surgery, Leipzig:clinical evaluation of
the efficacy of oil of egg on burns. Summary: the oil-of-egg cream got the golden standard; high
efficacy with the effect, that gram-neg. bacterials did not grow and in comparison to a world
standard cream it shows that the patients are healed 3-4 days earlier.
2.Gaschromatical analysis and Totalionschromatogram, Dr.Lörcher, Stuttgart
3.In vitro test showed that the oil of egg has antibacterial efficacy against two of the most resistant and most dangerous bacterials: esch.coli and staph. aureus, so it works even better than the modern antibiotics.(Biochem, Karlsruhe,Germany)
4. Total scientific. analysis of the oil of egg (Biochem,Karlsruhe, Germany)
5. Institut for experimental dermatology, University Witten-Herdecke, Prof. Dr.Tronnier: Application and compatibility test of the test preparation.Result:Oil of egg cream is a good care preparation which is featured by good compatibility and subjectively sensed effectiveness.
6.Institut for experimental dermatology, University Witten-Herdecke, Prof. Dr.Tronnier : Patch test to test the skin irritation effect of cosmetic products on humans with La Creme du CIEL with oil of egg: Result: No indication that the product in the test concentration used acts primarily irritating on the skin.
7.Institut for experimental dermatology, University Witten-Herdecke, Prof. Dr.Tronnier: Test of the antiphlogistic effect with an UV model of the test preparation.Result: It can be determined that the test preparation La Creme du CIEL with oil of egg possesses anti-inflammatory properties.
8.Municipal Hospital Offenbach,Prof.Dr. Kitschke: scientif. study for the evaluation of the oil of eggcream at the cure of scars after breast cancer operation:it shows best effectiveness on the scars
9. Prof.Dr.Bennk, University of Leipzig, Director of the children-surgery clinic: After a thyroidectomy the scar was almost unvisible by the treatment and help of La Creme du CIEL
10.University dental clinic, Aachen, Prov.Doz. Dr.G.Conrads, Medical Micro biology: The toothpaste with oil of egg has an statistically significant inhibitory effect against Prevotella intermedia in cases of gingivitis and superficial Parodontitis
11.Institut for Microcirculation, Dr.Klopp,Berlin: The oil of egg has an positive effect on the microcirculation on scars so that the healing is improved
12.Institut for Microcirculation, Dr.Klopp,Berlin: The oil of egg has an significant positive effect on the immune system of the skin by stimulation of interleukin and prostaglandine
13. Institut for Microcirculation, Dr.Klopp,Berlin: The oil of egg has en highly significant effect on the immune system of the gingiva of the teeth by stimulation of interleukin and prostaglandine.

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