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Being a nutritionist, I like to try natural methods first before going to the hospital or doctor. This last week I had extremely bad stomach cramps from eating tainted food. So I whipped up a batch of nature's strongest antibiotics and the effects cleared within 24 hours.

Fresh sliced garlic and raw honey are two of the most powerful natural antibiotics. When you combine this with cranberry juice (not from concentrate is best), it heals bad bacteria and viruses, especially those causing urinary bladder infections, stomach ulcers, stomach aches naturally. Organic raw cabbage also has beneficial effects upon the stomach.

I sliced fresh organic garlic pieces and put these slices into cranberry juice and throughout the day took vitamin C capsules. I than combined this with massive amounts of raw organic honey, another natural probiotic. I have also used this combination with much success when having contracted chronic diarrhea as a natural cure for diarrhea.

During this healing phase, I ate plain organic yogurt mixed in with cinnamon and to sweeten the yogurt organic honey. Yogurt contains the beneficial bacteria lactobacillus, which helps to give the good bacteria in the stomach, the necessary nutrients needed to maintain optimal health and well-being. Taking the yogurt with cooked potatoes or canned potatoes helps to synergize the bacteria, as well as increase the absorption of calcium into the body. After this combination, I immediately felt much, much relief.

Other foods I have not tried, which are very similar, include the recommendations from John G. Connor, M.Ac., L.Ac.

The following recommendations are listed below: Vinegar, turmeric, chives, garlic, basil, scallion, leek, ginger, chestnut, rosemary, cayenne, nutmeg, kohlrabi, eggplant, white pepper, adzuki bean, sweet rice, spearmint, butter, lotus root, hawthorn berry, brown sugar, squid, crab, rose, peanuts, lotus root, spinach, peach, peach seed, peach flower powder, wood ear (black fungus) and cinnamon.

So instead of heading off to your doctor or pharmacy, try these first. They not only work, but supply your body with necessary vitamins and minerals.

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