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Re-growing new hair seems to be associated with increased circulation and widening of the arteries.  Also the B Vitamins also seem to play a role in re-growing hair.


The British Medical Journal reported that Dr. John Kevin used a formula for treating Blood Vessel Disorders called beta pyridyl carbinol rar trate, a derivative of Vitamin Substitute Pyridin 3 Carbonic Acid. This is a formula that increases circulation in the feet and hands. He then discovered after giving patients this to treat their constricted blood vessels that their hair was growing back.


Beta pyridyl carbinol rar trate is available in the brand name product called: Foltene Topical Scalp Treatment, which is made by Crinos Industria Farmacobiologica S.p.A. In some of their numerous tests, the best results were almost 90% of males had new hair grow in their bald spots.

A full scientific study of Foltene is available at the following address:

Benzazoline Hydrochloride has also been used to stop baldness. A complete study by the University of Hawaii on these 2 formulas can be found at the following address:

A combination of Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Nicotinic Acid  (Nicotinic Acid has a widening and Dilating effect on the scalp blood vessels), Folic Acid, Dara-Amino Benzoic Acid and Inositol, which are really a combination of B Vitamins, helped grow back hair. This combination is packaged and sold by a company in Switzerland to help hair grow back.  The brand name is H-Pantoten, and it can be bought easily online.  When wheat germ and a little butter milk are added while taking this, the hair grows back even faster and fuller.

Iodine has also been shown to boost hair growth and heal baldness.  This best source is Kelp.  When iodine has been added to the diet of sheep, the quality and appearance of the wool on the sheep increased substantially.

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