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The Power of Combining Sodium Chlorite with an Acid
Malaria, a disease that used to cost millions to prevent, now has a 100% cure that costs less than a penny a dosage thanks to the work of former aerospace engineer Mr. Jim Humble. (Jims Homepage).

More than 5,000,000 people have used his formula, derived from Chlorine Dioxide and in one case all 75,000 individuals with malaria that have been treated were cured within a day. This remarkable substance also has numerous other healing uses some of which include: Removing Toxic Metals from the body, Curing Cancer, Fungus Control, Teeth and Gums, Internal Mouth Issues, Flu, Colds, Skin Care and More

Simply put, it is a simple chemical reaction mixing Sodium Chlorite (otherwise known as stabilized oxygen) with an acid such as lemon juice or acetic acid to form Chlorine Dioxide.

The chlorine Dioxide used to cure malaria has also been used to cure cancer. Healing Cancer with Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide also removes metals from the body by stripping the electrons from metals, thus making it an effective chealtor of toxic metals such as lead and mercury. It also makes a great short term detoxer for the body and eliminates chronic fatigue.

By adding a little bit of DMSO (which is a compound that naturally absorbs through the skin into the bloodstream) it has been shown to heal abscessed teeth and and can be used to treat tumors both inside the body in the general region or topically.

A standard $20.00 bottle, when used for general health maintenance lasts for a year and a half.

Instructions for using Chlorine Dioxide:

MMS (which comes from Chlorine Dioxide) is activated to release chlorine dioxide by mixing with 5 drops of acid for every 1 drop of MMS. Originally lemon juice and vinegar were used which are now commonly replaced by a 10% solution of citric acid. This is about 5 times more acid and releases considerably more chlorine dioxide with a stronger antimicrobial effect. After waiting for 3 minutes half to one glass of water or juice is added and one may then drink it. Jim Humbles recommendation is to start with a low dose and gradually increase by 1 drop each day until a slight feeling of nausea develops and then cut down by 2 drops. After several days you try increasing again, and so gradually work your way up to 15 standard drops 1 to 3 times daily for about one week.

How to Properly Mix and Adminster Chlorine Dioxide

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Effective Tips on How to Properly Use the Formula

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Video about How to Cure Malaria with Chlorine Dioxide:

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