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A good rule to follow when taking herbs for healing is take up to a maximum teaspoon of a tincture or 2 capsules up to 3 times a day for 5 days in a row, than rest for 2 days or until your health improves. 
A good rule to follow when taking anti-aging herbs for a longevity routine or herbs for memory and sharpness of mind is to take 2 capsules up to 2 times a day morning and afternoon. 
Take mind sharpening herbs or capsules in the morning and longevity herbs in the early afternoon. Do this for beween 3 and 5 days in a row with a 1 to 2 day break in between or until your body intuitively tells you that you have had enough. More may be necessary when you are undertaking especially challenging or demanding mental or physical tasks.
It is also a good idea to stop taking longevity herbs when detoxing your system or when your immune system is undergoing a change or is weak, as the body improves itself best when no outside influences affect it, which is why fasting is one of the best ways to naturally heal a body.

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