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A closer examination of how Resonance Shapes Historical Events
The Gears of History and Human Consciousness

In this article we will explore how cosmic cycles occur in “waves” which affect society as a whole, meaning nothing lasts forever and over the long term society is vulnerable to sudden changes. The most well-known cycle is the 25,920 year cycle
, which has smaller cycles of 2,160 years each within it. Each 2,160 year period is ruled by a particular constellation of the zodiac, for a total of 12 constellations totaling 25,920 years total.

At the end of each 2,160 year cycle, a new constellation aligns with the rising sun, at the spring equinox. The constellation most recently was Pisces during which time Jesus was born, also known as the age of Christianity. We are now entering the Age of Aquarius, which is a period of liberation of the mind, the end of tyranny, and the age of universal brotherhood

Researcher Gaston Georgel studied history and found that history repeated itself or underwent massive changes in the political and social structure in the following cycles: 11, 22, 33, 44/45, 55, 77, 100, 125, 130, 144, 150, 154, 288, 300, 515, 539/540, 666, 1,000, 1030, 1078/1080, 1100, 1400, 2160. Many of these numbers are in multiples of 2. Two is the number that resonance. Any two objects have power of resonation. It is my belief that this "double" number creates a repeat of the past event.

Examine any cultural shift in history and it will correspond to at least one of these yearly cycles. A few examples include the age of Napoleon and than 130 years later the age of Hitler. Another example are the English and French revolutions which are 144 years apart, or the kings of France 539 years (77X7) etc.

An example of recent events shows the following:

1987 to 2009: The Era of Globalization

2009 to 2023: The End of Tyranny and Dictatorships, The Emergence of Locally Sustained Economies

2023 to 2030: Major Climate Changes to take place

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