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The Sun Nourishes The Body
There are people alive today who have not eaten for 70 years or more and are in perfectly good health. There is a part of our body called the pituitary or pineal gland which secrets certain chemicals which nourish the body. This gland is most active at sunrise and around midnight.

The newly emerging science known as “Sungazing” nourishes the pituitary gland allowing the body to not only go without food, but also induces healing in the body. Those who have had cataracts have had them healed using sungazing. Sungazing is where you gaze directly at the sun 10 to 15 minutes after sunrise or 10 to 15 minutes before sunset. These are the only times you can safely look at the sun. There are 3 people alive today who are doing this regularly and no longer eat food. Their claims have been scientifically and medically confirmed.

The first is Mr. Prahlad Jani who hasn’t eaten or drank water in over 70 years. Approximate age 82.

The second is Mr. Hira Ratan Manek, who gave up food a few years ago and now lives only on boiled water. Approximate Age 64.

The third is Mr. Bahadur Bamjan, also known as “Budda Boy”, who gave up food and water 3 years ago and now mediates continuously under a tree. Approximate Age 20.

Another interesting discovery is that one of the brightest constellations in the sky is called Orion. Many ancient cultures placed major emphasis when Orion rises with the sun on the eastern horizon, especially when it is in line with the sun, which in North American occurs around the 4th of July. It appears when bright starts and constellations, including our sun appear on the eastern horizon, it gives off an intense amount of nourishing energy that feeds our bodies, when we know the secret of how to do it. Perhaps the rising of Orion has an impact on our consciousness, which influences reality.

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