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I was reading through an ancient text on alchemy one day  and came across the phrase:  In a house with dew, place apples.  Let these apples be charged by sunlight for a number of days.  Next allow an old man to enter and eat until his fill.  When he leaves he will be young again. Because alchemists know that dew contains Ormus, I decided to slice up some apples in a jar and leave them for 4 days in a jar that has been coated with a layer of Ormus.  I got the best results by re-coating the jar every 48 hours and not going past 4 days.  I sliced the apples thinly and ate about 1 a day.  The results were very good.

I believe from my earlier research in 2011, that adding 4 drops of Ormus to sprouted barley increases the nutrient absorption of Barley, I believe that the Ormus is synergizing with the Apple Slices and Increasing the Nutrient Absorption of the Apple, much like what happens with Barley. This means it is like eating 3 or 4 apples at one time, from just eating one apple, without the nasty side effects.

Summary of Reserach Results:

Ancient text states to place a glass jar in the sunshine with Ormus coated along the inside of a glass container. Best results obtained coating glass every 48 hours. Eating the apple slices on days 2 through 4 only. Eating apples until you feel full. After 5 days, the untreated apple began to rot and the apple treated with the Ormus in the glass jar did not rot. It is best to apply the Ormus to the bottle in late afternoon, early evening every 48 hours.

I have posted video coverage of my research during the final days of May 2014 below:

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