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 If you feel you are burning out from overwork and getting bogged down, than listen to and act upon what your intuition is telling you. It may be saying to take 1 or 2 days off so that you can take a nature hike, explore a new part of the city or do something you've been always wanting to do. When you do this, you will feel an increased sense of aliveness, with your energy re-moving through you.

What will happen as this energy begins moving again, is that when you return to your work, you will get it done in a 3rd or 4th of the amount of time it would have taken, had you lingered on doing it without taking the "break" or mini-vacation.
Children undergoing a positive environment are always filled with vitality, health and radiance. They are always connected with the free flowing energy of the universe because they do as they please, such as nap, express what is on their mind and play when they feel like it. They are already connected with the free flowing energy of the universe.
If we allow ourselves to not say or do what we really feel, the creative channel becomes blocked which results in illness, bad health, and other problems. Only when the blockages are released, can we realize true health, beauty and aliveness.
Re-Learning to Follow Your Intuition
Trusting and following our intuition also allows us to connect with the universal energy flow and surrender to our fears, understanding that it is the fundamental source from which all energy flows.
Only by listening to and acting upon your impulses and intuition can this balance be restored. We become an open channel which affects us down to the molecular level, including even our body cells and how they communicate with each other.
When you start to follow your intuition, you will experience increased aliveness energy flowing through you. You will have more energy flowing throughout your body. This is a sign that balance is returning to your life.
Blocked energy can always be readily released when we allow ourselves to experience particular feelings. This is the fundamental principle behind the EFT exercises (also called the emotional freedom technque).
Choices Create our Reality
Choosing to listen to our intuition means increased aliveness, ignoring it means darkness and depression. By expressing our true creative channel, we choose to radiate our true creative light, which in turn inspires others to do the same, which than results in healing on global levels.
As more and more people choose to live to their true potential, the world will start to experience a major healing crises, until balance is restored on a global scale. This means mankind’s true destiny is one of perfect health, wellness and peace for all, with everything provided for and no one lacking for anything.
It also means that fears and lies that were being held in denial or hidden or were ignored for so long, will flood the consciousness of those who continue to ignore them, until the transformation has occurred by releasing these fears and ignorance. By bringing these issues into the light can the fear and pain be completely dis-solved. This will get more and more intense until the year 2030.
Learning to Trust Again
From the transition of youth into adulthood, we are conditioned through social processes to turn over the trust of listening to our intuition to existing outside social structures. Some of these structures may teach us to fear trusting our inner voice, or make us fearful if we trust or follow our true intuition. This than causes our spirit to become rebellious, so we act out via these impulses by developing cravings to foods which we may not have had in the past. This imbalance causes us to gain weight or lose it, become allergic to certain foods or things or develop food addictions. The cycle continues on leading us to seeking a "cure" for these problems.  This than can include behaviors such as special diets, special eating schedules and so on.
The cure to this cycle of addiction is to start trusting yourself more. Surrender to what your body's urges are and stop the struggle. Instead, follow your intuition; you may receive such insights as more exercise, more rest, a slower schedule, or stay in bed for a day. No set routine applies. By listening to your intuition, the body is telling you what is best for it.
Some people may be fearful to get go and trust, however at the start some people may go on a crazy binge of eating foods, but if you remain aware and most of all patient, you will soon start to see and feel a natural ebb and flow developing, which you will than find natural to trust and surrender to. You may be also feel included to stay away from certain foods or routines for a while.  By trusting yourself to this flow, you will begin to feel alive, energized, young at heart and beautiful again.
Overweight people usually are examples of people who are afraid to follow their intuition. So as an excuse they will try to over please and overtake care of others. Overly slim people fear being too sexually attractive. When you harbor these fears all the diet and exercise in the world will never be a long term solution to permanent proper body weight. Another key to avoid these feelings is to BACK YOUR FEELINGS OF TRUST WITH PHYSICAL ACTION. This causes increased energy levels to cause more circulation to flow throughout your body, which boosts your metabolism naturally, which in turn burns away fat, all with no effort and while you feel good from releasing blockages. This is the true way to proper weight management. Just by trusting yourself and backing what you feel with physical action is all it takes.
How to Take Action Based on Your Feelings of Aliveness
The best way to do this is to first release your fears. Release and express your suppressed feelings. This can be done through forgiveness, EFT exercises or releasing anger. As a matter of fact people have lost weight by practicing the EFT exercise.  An Internet search for EFT + Weight Loss gives many examples.
Once you get into this routine of knowing how to identify the circumstances, triggers and events that lead to these repressed emotions and feelings, it will become natural for you to use methods that are convenient to you to naturally release them at the right time. Even if these triggers still set you off on this behavior, you will discover that your addictive behavior will become shorter and shorter lived.
By knowing and eating what your body really wants, it will physical grow lighter, spiritually and physically and you'll feel more natural energy flowing through you. This is because energy from the past can no longer occupy the present space you are in, thus allowing for a much more stronger exchange of energy, which naturally boosts the body's metabolism, which burns fat and releases your true energy.
Resistance and Imbalances
Daily life and a continued routine causes these imbalances to occur. The more we resist our feelings, the more we will continue to experience pain, loss and suffering. By allowing ourselves to fully accept and feel our true feelings, the sensation will become intense and a release of energy will occur, which is really a painless physical experience. We are really going through a transformation, which erases our continued suffering.
Ayurvedic healing, one of the oldest and most successfully used forms of healing, which was born in India thousands of years ago, is one type of healing that restores health via correcting physical, emotional or work imbalances in a person's life.
Imbalances also affect our financial lives and the Girona Portal Exercise restores money flow back into our lives by correcting imbalances in the Karmic, Emotional and Mental areas of our lives. This is because the state of mind you are in, is what you will attract the most to you. Any creative energy flow that is blocked and ignored will always results in dis-ease, or lack of adequate in-coming money. This inflow of vital energy keeps us young at heart, healthy and beautiful.
The 3 stages that lead to Long Term Debilitating Illness
Stage 1 - You start with subtle feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. A feeling of dryness or fatigue may ensue, accompanied by discomfort. If we don't rest or make proper changes at this time, state 2 begins.
Stage 2 - Allergies, aches, pains and/or disorientation. IF we will don't make appropriate changes, stage 3 will begin.
State 3 - An accident or fatal illness or serious long term debilitating disease ensues.
We can always avoid going to states 2 or 3 by choosing to pay attention to the subtle cues our body is giving us. Even if we reach stage 3, and understand what is happening, it is never too late to recover, as long as our desire and will are strong enough. Another way to induce rapid recovery is to start following our true purpose in life, or to express our feelings to a group. Group healing from our local community is very powerful, because we share how we truly feel with each other.
Money follows the same principle. If we don't pay attention to our spending habits, or choose to ignore how we control our spending or saving habits, we can expect at a later stage to have financial difficulties.
The True Causes of War and Suffering
War and Conflict are caused by 2 primary emotions. A fear of lack and ignorance from not believing that we have the power to connect with the universe to create true prosperity not only for ourselves, but for all mankind.
The way to solve this is to deal with this fear by being able and willing to take responsibly for the causes of these behaviors. This than has a domino effect where everything you do has a positive effect on changing the world.
People around you become affected by this revitalizing energy, even more so by your thoughts, words and  actions. This is the ultimate act of transformative healing on a global level.
How to Heal
When your body is suffering from disease, the most powerful medicine is to rest and to rest properly by taking the proper measures to get a good night's sleep with proper nutrition.
While you are in your "resting phase", ask your body WHAT THE MESSAGE in your illness is. What it is trying to say to you. By clearly identifying the answer, and appropriate acting upon it, you will always be given the proper advice, tools or information necessary to make a complete recovery, even without a doctor’s advice.
Inner messages could include to stop or start eating certain types of foods, moving to a new location, taking a long journey or new challenge, forgive someone or something or release built up frustrations or emotions. It could also include talking to a friend or counselor, quitting a job or seeking advice from a reputable doctor.
The real key is to go within, ask firmly, yet with depth and meaning, and then listen intently for the answer to occur. Keep asking the question and as long as you get the same answers over a period of time, you have the absolute truth. If the behavior, experiences or cycle continues, and we do go through a stage of healing, we will be healed temporarily/short term, but the symptoms will re-occur if we exist living in the same circumstances.
Addiction to Foods, Drugs and Sex
When we don't trust ourselves enough to experience our true natural energy, which may come from fear of fully expressing ourselves or going too fast towards a goal, some people turn to drugs to cope. This is common among athletes, which move up fast in the ranks, but can't control this energy. These people will turn to drugs or food to slow down, replace or open up the pace of their own natural energy flow. By doing this, it creates an artificial type of energy, leading to a fake, or illusionary form of waking awareness. The cure to this is to learn to find, locate and use the energy within you so you don't need an external source to artificially suppress your own fears of truly expressing your potential.  Lance Armstrong is a perfect example of suppressing true potential.  He could have funneled that energy into more foundations, charities and other opportunities presented to him and kept his racing reputation, but choose drugs instead to keep winning the Tour De France Races and generate an artificial awareness, away from his true continued purpose. Success is not about winning, but how you can handle bouncing back after a defeat.  Lack of defeat leads to continued artificial awareness.  
Sometimes we may move too fast towards a large project or goal, or feel we are biting off more than we can chew, which results in fear. This may result in us using food to suppress these fears or reduce the energy recorded to achieve that goal. This may causes us to never finish what we began, ending in disaster.
When we continue to allow ourselves to trust our intuition more and more, we become a clear channel for flowing life force which brings us renewed health, right down to the cellular and emotional levels.
How Coffee is used to Steal away our True Awareness
Coffee in moderation is good for you, however some people drink excessive amounts of it. Coffee is full of caffeine, a substance that affects our awareness and speeds up our metabolism. Coffee is used by many people to pace their energy and awareness levels.
If you allow your true awareness to experience how coffee is changing your energy, you will find that you will need less of it. Trust yourself to experience your true power and strength from within, rather than through an exterior source.
Allow your true spirit from within a true chance to be properly heard and expressed. It is divinely right and beautiful for it to do so. This is the key underlying concept of driving drug addicts. When the effects of the drugs are blocking any true voice of the person's spirit from actually expressing itself, the person feels lost and afraid and continues to take drugs to continue the artificial feelings of satisfaction.
Some people may get headaches or a sore throat when eating chocolate, (I know I used to), especially from foods high in sugar. One method that has always worked for me, is to hold my hands over the chocolate before eating it and visualizing the chocolate becoming charged with the energy of love and light, or other high vibrational energy. This is because I believe that artificially processed sugars, rather than fruit sugars, may absorb and harbor lower type vibrations, which can affect our bodies after we eat it. This means that the opposite is also true, we can affect artificial sugars by sending out positive thoughts and vibrations into it. The positive intention of love and light into the artificial sugar temporarily removes the lower vibrations. This could be why some people eat chocolate to relieve themselves of depression, because it gives a short term temporary high.
When we have a desire to be perfectly thin, it is usually driven by a hidden conflicting believe that is negative and self-limiting. This causes a false motivation to arise within us, which results in the behavior that lead to suppressed emotions.
The way to cure this cycle, is to truly and honestly express these feelings and bring them to the surface, exposing them to the universal light, which than diminishes, shrinks and completely removes their power over us. Below are some of the thought patterns that underlie these false beliefs.
False Beliefs Related to Excessive Dieting
Good tasting food is bad for health
The scent of delicious food causes imbalance, disease and weight gain
IF I eat more, I'll gain weight, so I'll eat a little
By enjoying myself I am robbing my future self of perfect health
My body must be controlled by professionals
If I did what my body told me to, I'd get fat, tied and sick
Starving or struggling makes the perfect body
The choices we make will determine our future course of health
I hope this chapter sheds some light on how you can avoid extreme diets and at times enjoy a good chocolate bar or bowl of ice-cream without having to worry about it affecting your beauty or health.

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