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A List of a Few of the World's Longest Living Organisms Return to Homepage

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Pafuri baobab tree. Up to 2,000 years old. Kruger Game Preserve, South Africa.
Antarctic moss. 5,500 years old. Elephant Island, Antarctica.
Llareta plant. Up to 3,000 years old. Atacama Desert, Chile
Mojave yucca. 12,000 years old. Mojave Desert, California
Stromatolites. 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Carbla Station, Western Australia
Huon pine. 10,500 years old. Mount Read, Tasmania, Australia
Posidonia oceanica sea grass. 100,000 years old. Balearic Islands, Spain.
Bristlecone pine. Up to 5,000 years old. White Mountains, California
Rare eucalyptus. 13,000 years old. New South Wales, Australia

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In the Plant Kingdom it appears that living 1,000 years or more is not such a big deal after all

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