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How Earth is Creating the Consciousness that We Experience
The great scientist Carl Calleman discovered that certain states of mind relate to the frequencies of earth. He found that the frequencies of various “layers” of the earth give off different frequencies. These frequencies correspond to what state of mind we are in.

During our present waking state of mind, our minds are in an Alpha state, which is between 8 and 13hz. This is in tune with the near inner earth at 7.5hz.

When we go into a deep sleep or when our brains are in Delta Phase, our minds resonate with the van allen belt and magnetopause of the atmosphere, which vibrates at between 4 and 1 hz.

When we are drowsy or in light sleep our consciousness is aligned with the expansion or moving out of our atmosphere at the frequency between 7 and 4 hz. When our minds are in Theta, such as during a trance, which is between 4 and 7 hz, this is the frequency range that occurs between the surface of our earth and the inner part of the Van Allen Belt . Theta brainwaves are produced by the subconscious mind and are responsible for the theta healing effect .

When our minds are relaxed and meditative, our consciousness vibrates with earths “inner spheres” between 7 and 13hz also known as the beta and alpha waves. At times, certain meditative periods can result in an oscillation effect. If this resonance effect is strong enough, it can lead to breakthroughs and new ideas related to technology and science.

The iron-ore crystal or center of the earth vibrates at 40hz (or cycles per second), which is in the beta brainwave of our consciousness. This is the same frequency our minds operate at when our minds are in a creative and artistic state. 40hz also happens to be the same frequency that geomagnetic storms occur on.

From my own experience, when I have created works of art or made material for public demonstrations, I have noticed my work receives more attention when I made it during a geomagnetic storm period. Ultrasonics uses 40hz for . Geomagnetic storms, which can cause pipelines of oil to burst, occur at 40hz and 40hz is used in sesmic equipment to see underground below the earth. So it appears that the frequency of 40hz has deep penetration properties. 40hz is also used in ultrasonic sensors and detectors. 40hz is the same frequency used in infrared chips and infrared from our sun occurs at sunrise and sunset. The same time periods that Mr. and are responsible for the Prahlad Jani uses to recharge himself (he hasn’t eaten in 70 years) . This science is also called sungazing.

So we can see a dual polarity of the earth, as well as the sky. When we concentrate or go through phases of genius and creativity, our brain waves resonate with the 40hz frequency of earth’s core and when we are in a deep sleep, our awareness is projected out beyond our atmosphere, through the Van Allen Belts and out into space. This would explain why “flashes” of insight and new discoveries occur when geomagnetic activity levels are higher and the solar wind speed is at high speeds and why health is at a peak when solar wind speeds are at 350 and earth’s geomagnetic energy levels are at moderate to low levels. It also explains the “Trance State” that occurs during periods of high speed solar flares, with their energy exciting the Van Allen Belt regions of our earth, thus affecting our minds due to the 4 and 7 hz frequency.

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