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How to Use the Energy of the Sun for Healing and Positive Vibrational Change Return to Homepage

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1: Relax yourself and go into a deep relaxing state.
2: Next visualize a stream of energy flowing down from the sun and surround your body.  
3: Next see this light turning into a golden healing light of the right luminosity, intensity and brightness.  
4: Next see this golden light healing you on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual and other levels you are not aware of. 
5: Next send this energy to others who wish to receive healing light energy and than see this energy pass itself onto others and so on, and so on, until you feel enough energy has been reached.  
6: Than end the exercise by letting go and detaching. 
This exercise works very well when the sun's solar flux is more active, especially at the start of condition red or blue periods.

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