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After intensively researching types of herbs over the previous 6 years, I have also discovered that they can be used to help alcoholics stop craving alcohol.  Diadzan is one such herb that has been so successful, that it was reported on CBS News.  I believe that herbs that curb alcoholic cravings, combined with the proper social interaction and support, could play a huge part in curing the alcoholism crises.
I have included some links below leading to many herbs that curb additions for alcohol, and in the future I will go into more detail about this.
There are also further herbs that have been shown to cure cravings for Cocaine Addition. N-acetylcysteine (NAC), which is a powerful anti-aging amino acid is one such protein. More can be found at the following address:
In conclusion, I believe that the proper herbs can be used to cure many of today's ailments and pharmaceutical corporations know about this, and do use some herbs for healing, but the vast areas of healing and prevention of disease are yet to be explored. 
Links to Herbs that help stop or reduce the uses of Alcohol Cravings:


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