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The Wonderful Healing Effects of Banisteriopsis

Ayahuasca has been used for centuries in South American healing ceremonies. It is just starting to attract the attention of biomedical scientists who want to study its effects as a successful treatment for depression.

Banisteriopsis is the prime ingredient used in the South American plant-based brew ayahuasca. It is a master healing plant and is used as a natural psychedelic drink by South American Shamans for "vision quests". Accounts from ordinary people using ayahuasca include complete recovery from deafness, the lifting of depression and cancer. From my personal experience I have found it a great winter drink to bring strength and healing to the body. I also believe that if longevity / anti aging studies are carried out on this plant, that it will be found to lengthen lifespan. This is because I have found that Banisteriopsis induces lucid dreams (besides its numerous healing effects) and herbs / plants that induce lucid dreams are usually anti-aging herbs. Another interesting finding is the anti aging plant FO TI (also called He Shou Wu), is a vine, and Banisteriopsis is one of the largest vines in the South American rainforest.

In order for ayahuasca to work, it must include the herb Banisteriopsis along with a herb or food such as passionflower tea or passionflower extract or dark chocolate to activate the MAO inhibitors in the Banisteriopsis, which than gives it its ayahuasca like effects. This than draws out the DMT present in the Banisteriopsis, giving it its powerful healing and feelings of well being when it is drank.

Just recently researchers from Brazil published results from the very first scientific study of using ayahuasca for therapeutic healing benefits. Scientists carrying out the study observed that the drink began reducing severe depression in patients within only a matter of hours. What was even more interesting is that the effects were still present after three weeks. From my personal experience of taking Banisteriopsis with Passionflower Tincture at the ratio of between 1:1 and 3:1 (with 3 being 3 parts Banisteriopsis) , I immediately notice a warm sensation in the upper part of my body followed by strong feelings of being "grounded". I also feel much more happier and have much more patience and can tolerate difficult situations much more better. This was after only using it for about a week 2 days on with 1 day off. There have also been confirmed reports that combining a tincture of bobansana with Banisteiopsis tincture enhances the effects.

What is Ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca is a prepared sacramental drink that contains 2 main herbs. Banisteriopsis caapi and the leaves of a shrub (Psychotria viridis). The only purpose of Psychotria viridis is to activate the MAO psychoactive compounds in Banisteriopsis, to draw out the DMT. You can also use Passionflower, Syrian rue seeds or dark chocolate to get similar effects as these are all MAO inhibitors.

Can I use Banisteriopsis as a Depression Relief drink?

Considering most pharmaceutical drugs can be highly addictive or react negatively with foods or other medication, Banisteriopsis is an excellent long term and affordable solution to pharmaceuticals.

In another scientific study led by Jaime Hallak, a neuroscientist at the University of São Paulo, Brazil, he gave mild doses of ayahuasca to 6 volunteers who were diagnosed with mild to severe depression. These volunteers had been unresponsive to at least one pharmaceutical antidepressant drug. None of the volunteers had used ayahuasca before. After drinking it, they sat in a quiet room where physicians used clinical questionnaires to track their depression symptoms in real time. Improvements in the depressed volunteers were seen in just two to three hours. This is a major breakthrough because conventional pharmaceutical antidepressants can take weeks to work.

The researchers followed up on the volunteers for the next 3 weeks. What they discovered was that the benefits from drinking the Banisteriopsis brew continued to hold up in assessments during the next two to three weeks afterwards.

Brian Anderson, a psychiatrist at the University of California who has published papers on ayahuasca's potential and who read the research study conducted by Jaime Hallak concluded “It is a proof of concept of what so many ritual ayahuasca users already know: ayahuasca can help one feel extra well, not just during the experience, but for up to days or weeks after.”

If we look at the scientific research we can see that it is biochemically plausible that ayahuasca could treat depression because it contains compounds that alter concentrations of mood-regulating neurotransmitters such as serotonin in the brain, which act just like a commercial antidepressant. These biochemicals in ayahuasca include the hallucinogen N,N-dimethyltryptamine, which binds to serotonin receptors, and also chemicals tetrahydroharmine, harmine and harmaline. These prevent the breakdown of serotonin (which occurs more often during winter due to the lack of sunlight) and other neurotransmitters.

Further clinical trials of ayahuasca are under way. Dr. Draulio de Araujo, a neuroscientist at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Natal, Brazil, states that his team has treated 46 (out of a planned 80) patients in a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of ayahuasca. (The study began in January 2014.)

Scientifically Proven to Cure Addiction

Dr Jacques Mabit showed in his research studies how 1/3rd of his patients who were treated for drug addictions were completely cured by drinking ayahuasca. His success rate was as high as 70% for those completing the full treatment.

So this is a remarkable plant and hopefully it can be a great way to treat wintertime blues, as well a keep the body strong and healthy.

Instructions for using Banisteriopsis;

Day 1: In a cup of hot passionflower tea add between 8 and 12 drops of Banisteriopsis tincture/extract and drink before going to bed. You will usually feel a strong grounding sensation which is normal and healthy.

Day 2: Increase the dosage to between 10 and 14 drops with passionflower tea before bed.

Day 3: Take between 12 and 15 drops before bed.

Day 4: Take a break and on days 5 and 6 resume dosage of taking 10 to 14 drops of Banisteriopsis on an empty stomach before bed.

After day 7 your intuitive internal doctor will tell you if you need to continue or take a longer break. Usually by day 7 you'll be feeling so good, you may want to have a few days break from taking it.

The reason for the break is because Banisteriopsis has accumulative effects, building up in the body gradually over time. When you stop taking it for a while the body automatically adjusts to the right amounts your body needs and the best effects are experienced.

Where possible use loose leaf passionflower tea, and strain through a tea ball strainer or coffee filter. This is because tea bags don't contain as much nutrients as normal loose leaf tea.  You can obtain loose leaf tea from a good coop.  If you don't want to use loose leaf tea, you can use RAW CACAO chocolate.  These are both MAO inhibitors that release the MAO in the Banisteriopsis, releasing its healing benefits. 


How can I maximize the Effects of Banisteriopsis?

The remarkable thing about using an extract of Banisteiopsis extract is you don't have to go through the entire 4 day boiling of the leaves/roots process, saving an incredible amount of time and effort. If you want to obtain effects as close as possible to the original recipe without having to do the retreat experience, than a purified state of mind, combined with taking it on an empty stomach is as close as you'll get. There have also been confirmed reports that combining a tincture of bobansana with Banisteiopsis tincture enhances the effects. Ceasing from taking it for a while will have better effects, than taking more. This is because the body will get used to it after a while, in which the beneficial effects will tend to wear off.

Purity is Key

I believe there exist two spaces in the environment we live in. Sacred space and Profane space. These two spaces represent invisible barriers between an inner world that is clean, pure, and bright and an outer world that is spiritually polluted and morally uncertain. When we prepare healing elixirs in a sacred space with pure motives and intentions part of that energy is transferred into the final material. This is why it is key to have the right state of mind and a clean environment when making tinctures, extracts or herbal healing combinations.

How long each bottle will last

There are 591 drops in a one ounce bottle. If used at the maximum dosage of 15 drops a day than a one ounce bottle would last 39 days. This means 4 one ounce bottles would last you a total of 156 days or five and one half months.

Will it ever expire?

Tinctures have no expiration date, as long as you keep them out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry place.

What can I eat while using Banisteriopsis?

Banisteriopsis is best taken on an emtpy stomach, preferably 2 hours before or after meals. Best results are obtained taking it just before going to bed.  Any foods that are fermented or preserved are to be avoided while taking Banisteriopsis. When first starting to take Banisteriopsis, to get an idea of the beneficial sensations of using Banisteriopsis, try adding 15 drops of Banisteriopsis Extract to a cup of water and drink it before going to bed.

As your routine adjusts to using Banisteriopsis, you may want to see if activating the MAO inhibitors in Banisteriopsis, gives you an enhanced effect. There is no one exact method of using Banisteriopsis to benefit from using it, as the sensations vary from person to person. One effect is constant however, and that is it will leave you feeling emotionally recharged, refreshed and "cleansed" after using it. Your newly found emotional strength will make you resistant to many situations that in the past may have left you feeling emotionally upset. You will feel a new-found emotional strength developing, giving you strength and calm in many emotionally disturbing situations that may have got you down in the past.

If using Banisteriopsis for depression, consider adding the herb St, John's Wort, (as a part of your depression relief plan) which has also been scientifically proven to be better than many depression relieving medications. And the book Anxiety and Depression. A Guiding Therapy Coursebook for Miracles and Motivation by Scott Rauvers of contains numerous techniques scientifically proven to eliminate depression. Note: The effects of taking Banisteriopsis, can take up to 2 hours after drinking it before the sensations are felt, although many people experience the effects soon after drinking it.

A side note about Banisteriopsis.

Our bodies naturally produce DMT and Banisteriopsis is perfectly legal to use and sell in almost every country in the world. There has not been 1 single death from anyone taking Banisteriopsis in a tincture. The fact is Banisteriopsis is such an effective natural mental and physical healing herb that it upsets some of the pharmaceutical companies who rake in billions of $ per year manufacturing depression relief and anxiety relieving pills. Not to mention the studies done by Dr Jacques Mabit who showed how 1/3rd of his patients who were treated for drug addictions using Banisteriopsis were completely cured by drinking ayahuasca. His success rate was as high as 70% for those completing the full treatment. The fact is St John's Wort as well as Banisteriopsis are both natural herbs and if used by more people seeking anxiety relief or relief from depression would be a severe blow to their profits. Remember herbs can't be patented, but a pharmaceutical pill can. This could also be the reason that cognitive therapy, which is a proven way to relieve depression is not in widespread use in the united states, but is gaining widespread acceptance in Europe.

I hope this ariticle will shed light on the safety and wonderful power Banisteriopsis has.



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